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Integrated Operations

CMPC controls the entire process from seed to final products, which is why we are able to ensure a high standard of quality and maintain a homogeneous and sustainable wood supply.


More than 700 th hectares, 4 sawmill, 2 remanufacturing plants and 1 plywood mill, permit 1,5 million cubic meters of wood products for different uses and markets, distribute in the 5 continents.

All CMPC´s plants are strategically located to minimize transport costs from the forest and through ports, that is why we are capable to supply a continuous and on-time delivery finish products.

We have a logistics that includes wail and train rails and ports infrastructure to an optimum products transport and to fulfill all our commitments.

The vast forest holdings ensure a sustainable supply of timber through all the year, without winter and summer differences that cause a lot of supply failure in other wood production countries.

Our production processes are under permanent control to ensure compliance with strict international quality standards.

In conclusion, our mission consist in delivery to our customers the highest quality, with the best service and with the reliability that only CMPC can achieve.