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CMPC MADERAS S.A. constitutes the industrial area of CMPC Forestry Division and its mission is to add value to the company’s vast forest assets.


It aims to provide an integral solution to the wood product needs of its clients. This includes sawn wood, remanufactured products and plywood panels.

CMPC Maderas continually seeks to produce lasting and sustainable profitability by providing its clients with an innovative solution according to their particular needs. It is able to achieve this by constantly finding ways to improve quality and develop new products, ensuring maximum efficiency in its productive processes and in its workers, and by continuously integrating the forest’s potential with the markets.

All of these aspects are fully imbued with our own set of values and principles.
CMPC USA Inc, a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia, United States Of America, is 99% owned and wholly controlled by CMPC Maderas S.A.