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Industrial Plants

Own Plantations

maderasForestal Mininco has more than 300 thousand hectares of radiate pine in Chile spread throughout the 7th and the 9th region of the country.
More than 75% of the land has been intensively managed (by thinning and pruning) in order to obtain the wood’s highest value. The average duration to harvest is between 20 and 25 years.
The forests are certified and standardized by extract environmental certifications.
The location of the plants was determined strategically in order to optimize the logistical process, taking into consideration the distances from ports, but also and most importantly, from the raw material itself.

Bucalemu Sawmill

bucalemuThe Bucalemu plant is located close to the Panamerican Highway 5 South, 38 km north of Los Angeles.
Bucalemu’s production began in 1994 and has been constantly updated with the latest technology and infrastructure.
It produces approximately 400.000 m3 (168 million bf) per year of sawn wood from radiate pine and has a drying capacity of 45%.
One of Bucalemu’s defining characteristics is the sawn wood production in line allowing for greater cutting flexibility and to maximize the yield.

Coronel Remanufacturing Plant

coronelThe Coronel remanufacturing plant is located 25 km from the city of Concepcion in Coronel Industrial park.
Production began in 1996, but CMPC only recently acquired the plant in 2006 together with the assets of Forestal Copihue S.A.
The Coronel remanufacturing plant has an annual production capacity of 90.000 m3 and an annual drying capacity of 75.000 m3 (31 million bf).

Los Angeles Remanufacturing Plant

los-angelesIt is located to the north of the city of Los Angeles. It began production in 1989 and since then it has continuously made improvements to its technology and infrastructure.
The Los Angeles plant has an annual production capacity of 120.000 m3 (50 million bf) with its main products being Finger Joint Mouldings and Panels.
The plant uses certified dry sawn Radiata Pine which originates mainly from CMPC own sawmills.

Nacimiento Sawmill

nacimientoThe Nacimiento Sawmill is located within CMPC industrial region in the city of Nacimiento. The mill is part of a larger Industrial Complex owned by CMPC which also houses a pulp plant and a plant for newspaper production.
Nacimiento’s production began in 1979 but over timeit has received many upgrades to its infrastructure and software in order to meet modern standards. The most recent investments were made in 2005 bringing improvements in the plants drying capacity and infrastructure for the classification process.
The Nacimiento Sawmill produces 400.000 m3 (168 million bf) of sawed Radiata Pine annually and has over 70% of drying capacity.

Mulchen Sawmill

mulchenThe Mulchen plant is located close to the Panamerican Highway 5 Sur, 35 km south of Los Angeled.
The Mulchen sawmill began production at the end of 2005 and is one of the most modern and efficient sawmills in the world. Mulchen produces approximately 420.000 m3 (117 million bf) of sawn radiate pine annually and has a 90% of drying capacity.
Unlike the other sawmills Mulchen has only one production line which operates at high speed and with a high degree of flexibility. The main focus is on attaining maximum value for each log by using the best technology currently available on the market.

Plywood Mill

Our plant has a yearly production capacity of 500.000 m3. It is operated by our highly skilled staff that is firmly commited to the human development of the surrounding communities through training courses, which contribute to the social development of the sourrounding area.
Our plywood plant uses state-of-the-art technology delivered by industry leaders such as Raute for the primary manufacturing process. Globe for finishing process and Steinemann for the sanding process. This high performance machinery ensures best quality products with a high degree of homogeneity and great surface finishing.