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CMPC Maderas, as a part of Empresas CMPC, is imbued with certain fundamental values which are defended and promoted by the company. These are:


  • To be honourable, responsible and trustworthy in all areas of business
  • To always act within the law
  • To integrate the community in all our actions
  • To demonstrate a fundamental concern for the development of our employe

These principals have broadened the Company’s appeal, earning it the recognition of the business community and of public opinion. Above all they help to further strengthen the pillars of growth in the future.
In 2005, in recognition of these principles, Empresas CMPC was nominated as the most respected company in Chile for the seventh time according to the opinion of 100 businessmen and executives from around the country (taken from Adimark and La Segunda daily newspaper).
In making this recommendation, among the most important criteria to consider are integrity and transparency, competence and responsibility, concern for the community and the environment, and demonstration of active involvement in developing new strategies related to education and training.