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Empresas CMPC

Founded in 1920, the Chilean company Empresas CMPC S.A.is both integrated and diverse.


It operates through 5 subsidiaries: Forestal Mininco, CMPC Pulp, CMPC Papers, CMPC Paper Products and CMPC Tissue, with a total of US$ 9 billion in assets and sales of US$ 3 billion distributed across 5 continents.

The largest portion of these assets are the 794.000 hectares (1.8 million acres) owned by Forestal Mininco, which consists of 540.000 hectares (1.3 million acres) of pine and eucalyptus plantations in the south of Chile and in the north of Argentina.

It is these forestry plantations that ensure an enduring and sustainable source of raw materials for the industrial business of the company.


Subsidiaries CMPC S.A.

Forestal Mininco S.A.
Forestry and Wood Products Business

CMPC Celulosa S.A.
Short, long – fiber and fluff pulp business

CMPC Papeles S.A.
Folding boxboard, papers.

CMPC Tissue S.A.
Tissue and sanitary products.

CMPC Productos de Papel S.A.
Engaged in the packaging business.