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Environmental Mission

The main mission of CMPC Maderas S.A. is to produce, process, and market lumber for domestic and international markets, while at the same time realising the importance of caring for people, the business and the environment.


In order to carry out its mission, the Forestry Division of CMPC Maderas has established a System of Environmental Management in accordance with the following values:

1.Sustainable Development:

To promote long-term development and operate according to the following principles

  • To ensure economical success
  • To be socially beneficial
  • To be responsible, in terms of safety and occupational health

2.Compliance with the law and voluntary commitment.

To comply with:

  • Legislation and regulations which apply to the environment
  • Environmental commitments acquired voluntarily

3.Prevention and Mitigation of professional illnesses and accidents while fulfilling the company’s mission.

To achieve the best possible results from each individual involved in the company’s operation, by promoting and giving value to:

  • Being confident at all times.
  • Fulfilling planned actions
  • Carrying out tasks in accordance with procedures and instructions

4. The protection and conservation of natural resources across different areas of production.

To look after the natural resources which are affected, by preventing and mitigating pollution and the adverse impacts on the environment related to specific areas of operation:

  • Productivity.
  • Protection and Conservation

5. Continued Improvement

To improve and strengthen operations, continuously seeking to prevent and reduce risks, environmental impacts and important social effects by establishing and periodically reviewing the following:

  • Goals and objectives.
  • Standards and objectives.

6. Commitment and responsibility in environmental management

To ensure commitment and good conduct in this area through:

  • Training
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Control.

CMPC USA, as well as CMPC Maderas, is committed to implement and maintain the chain of custody requirements in accordance with PEFC standard.

In line with this commitment, CMPC Maderas has been certified by:
Furthermore, CMPC Maderas is governed by the Environmental Declaration of Empresas CMPC.